19th August 2014


Louise. What can I can I say? Bloody miracle! You promised showroom, and I swear, it never looked as good way back then!

Mike over the moon! So happy … I saw him smile, he don’t do that too often!

Christian was FABULOUS, as was the lovely James. And James did too do the crease. Not a mark on it. Mike reckons we’ll just keep it garaged and show visitors what you can do. Yaris next! Will book it in over the next few months. Hey, my brother has a couple of antique Jaguars – one a 1962 red E-Type. He will get to see Mike’s car really soon.

Tomorrow, if it is sunny (fat chance!), I am taking another dozen photos of the now glorious dodgy bits in a dramatic display of before n after. FACEBOOK here we come. And Twitter. And Mike emailing his address book!

You know, Louise, I’ve known Mike for 17 years … and this is the first time I’ve ‘done good’ in the present stakes. I can’t believe we got all that for a grand. Exceptional value for the stunning result. Thank you so very much. Will send you the after photos, maybe for website?

Gonna buy a couple of Ferrari badges on eBay. Looks too good to be a Lexus!

Love ya work! Have fun in Canberra!

Kathryn Barton
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