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Hi Joseph

Lovely chatting with you today.  Please find your quote as follows:


Rear bumper to repair damage as best we can and respray full bar

$770 gst inc

As per our conversation, it’s unlikely we will get the shape back to 100% due to the dispersement of the plastic.  However, to the casual onlooker, or potential buyer in the future, it won’t stand out to them, it will become what I like to call a “none issue”.

We can carry out the repair in your garage in Kensington, but due to the amount of spraying to be done it’s best to run this by whoever looks after the property to ensure smooth sailing on the day.



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Client Question


I enjoyed talking to you as well. In the spirit of our conversation earlier, real talk ….

Everyone got the same pictures as you  and I now have three quotes: one from Five Dock@iqautobody; one from JH Car Spraying in Belmore; one from a shop next door to my wife’s work in Marrickville.  You’re the most expensive by $220 +GST from next closest quote.

I appreciated your honest approach. So here’s my question … can you help me understand what I’m missing? If it was the difference of 15% I probably wouldn’t even ask, but you seem to be the outlier here by a lot. What do I need to understand here?

Thanks in advance.



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Hi Joseph

I appreciate your feedback and I will try to highlight the potential differences.

Having owned this business now for 24 years my experience has taught me to quote appropriately for the expected result.

Your repair needs is not cut and dry by any means. The variables are many due to the damage done to the plastic itself and I want to return it back to as new if at all possible. This takes time and skill.

In a panel shop you would most likely be required to leave your car there for a minimum of three days. This is not a given but from my experience it is the norm. That being said any one of these places may get the repair completed and ready for you to pick up within the one day – there is always a first for everything.

So basically time, a perfectionist attitude and the recognition that this could prove to be more time consuming repair have all led me to quoting this amount. If the repair takes longer than I’ve allowed for, we will not charge more. Conversely, if the repair goes to plan and is quicker than I imagine it to be, then this is a small bonus for us. This is also a small bonus to you as you get to have your car back on the road and your downtime is minimised – something my customers are always pleased about. Sydney traffic is horrendous and we are all time poor, are we not?

Often our repairs are completed under the time allowed by me but this is because we have been doing these repairs for a long time and have streamlined it so well that these days only variables from left field are the one’s to knock us out. But our recovery is awesome!

Due to your car being so young and due to its colour and the position of the damage I’ve quoted to respray the whole bumper. This ensures longevity. This also ensures you do not see an “edge” where the clear is blended out. My painter, Shaun, has 30 years experience behind him and is by far and away the best painter I’ve been associated with in my 24 years owning and operating this business.

Lastly, I do not consider myself to have any competition in this business. I run it in a unique style with integrity uppermost in my mind at all times. We don’t always come out the winner with every job, but I sure as hell try to make it this way (my concession to the New Yorker in you).

Things can go wrong and do. Sometimes we need to return to complete a job because it’s better for the outcome. However if returning can be avoided, then that is our priority.

I hope I’ve answered your question – I’ve certainly been wordy but I think you will have appreciated the thoroughness.

Now I’m laughing at myself because maybe you’ll still be thinking “but why so much more than anyone else?” So in short – because we are worth it.



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Client Answer


What a lovely response!  Thoughtful, honest, genuine. That’s worth the $220 to me.

Okay, I’m in. I assume this is a Monday to Friday operation?  I usually work from home Wednesday and Friday, although this Friday I’m not back until mid afternoon.

Can you please let me know when works for you?