We repair and respray at your home or office

We are Leaders in the field of Mobile Automotive Paint Restoration


As innovators and leaders in this field we provide professional premium-level, cost-effective on-site paint touch-up and spot repairs to private clients. On-site means we carry out the repairs to your car at your home or office.  All we need is off-street parking, space to park our van near your car and access to power.

We Come to You!

All work is performed quickly, efficiently, conveniently and affordably at YOUR HOME or OFFICE.  All work comes with a Lifetime Warranty (excluding rust repairs).

We Repair & Respray:

  • Panel Scratches on all vertical panels surrounding your car
  • Bumper Scratches, Scrapes and Scuffs and Dents
  • Minor Dents in all vertical panels surrounding your car (such as the front guards, doors
    and quarter panels)



Touch Up Service

Ask us about our cost effective touch-up service which can be an excellent alternative to respraying individual panels when preparing your car for resale.  This is suitable for cars which have small chips and scratches which don’t warrant respraying but do detract from the overall appearance of the car. For example – chipped door edges, stone chips on the bonnet and small scratches on the panels.

Selling Your Car

Selling your car – A guide to the preparation you should consider and undertake in order to maximise the initial visual impact on potential buyers and, more importantly, maximise the sale price.

Today’s used car market is a tough environment as you are competing against cheap new cars and a huge used car market – both private and commercial.

You need to differentiate your car from any other cars similar to yours that are on the market.  The exterior being in better condition may well be the point of difference that results in your car being the buyer’s choice and you getting a sale.

Buyers will want the service history to ensure it has been serviced as required by the manufacturer.  The unspoken requirements coming from a more subconscious level can include wanting the car to look in good condition, a preference for cars with no scratches and dents and an interior that has been looked after.

If your car has one or more panels that have been scratched and dented, our mobile service, Scratch Magic, can repair these to bring the panels back to an ‘as new’ condition.

In addition, when having this service carried out on your car, Scratch Magic will provide a complimentary touch up service on any chips and minor scratches on your car eg chipped door edges, chips on the bonnet etc.  Absolutely Free of Charge!

All this can be done whilst your car is parked at your home or office. 

How convenient is that?  

We Come To You!

No having to take your car to a location and having to be without it for 3 to 5 days.  No having to find alternate transport.  No having to ask friends and family to help you with lifts.  No having to rely on public transport.

Instead, your car is repaired while you are at work or while you’re in the comfort of your home and it will always be finished and available to drive by late afternoon.

Repairs are often carried out within two to three hours at a cost usually much lower than what you would be charged from a panel shop.

Also, Scratch Magic only quotes to repair and respray the damaged panel – we don’t blend out onto the adjacent panels (so often this is just not necessary).  This minimises the repair costs greatly.

Another Option to Consider

When quoting, Scratch Magic will assess your car’s overall appearance and, if applicable, will give you’re a variety of options to consider.

These options will include a quote to repair and respray any damage on the car.

We will also advise you as to whether a general touch up of all the scratches is a good alternative option for you to consider.  A general touch up service can be carried out at a price much cheaper than repairing and respraying individual panels.  Often this is all that is required to lift the overall appearance of a car.

Your final consideration

The final consideration is whether to have the car professionally detailed.  This is always done last and just prior to placing your car on the marker.

This involves having the exterior paintwork buffed with cutting compound to remove light scratches and marks that will not wash off.  This also removes the build up of contaminants such as pollution, tree sap, bugs and tar which can mar the general appearance of the car.  The car is then buffed with polish to bring the paintwork to its peak condition.  Wheels, external trimming and the engine are also cleaned and have products applied to maximise the overall final appearance.

It is also wise to have the interior cleaned up with seats and carpet steam cleaned (if necessary) and all the surfaces cleaned with the appropriate cleaning products.  This will neutralise the interior smell, and this is definitely more attractive to any potential buyers.

Scratch Magic can recommend experienced high quality detailing services throughout Sydney who provide an excellent service at a competitive and value-for-money price.

There is an alternative to respraying individual panels.  Scratch Magic can provide an all over brush touch service that will improve the general appearance of the car.
This is appropriate for cars with only minor chips and scratches ranging over the whole car or for cars where the resale value is too low to make respraying viable.