Mobile Car Panel Scratch Repairs

We repair all types of panel scratches and bring the panel back to “as new” including:

–      key scratches                       . scratched doors from car park poles

–       scraped panels                         . keyed doors

–       dented panels                         . scratched tailgates

–       scratched panels                    . scraped doors

–       scraped tailgates                   . scraped wheel arch

–       scratched wheel arch


The repair is carried out on your car whilst it’s parked at your home or office – at a time and place convenient to YOU!

We offer a Lifetime Guarantee

All Scratch Magic needs is access to power and your car parked off the street – preferably with a car port or garage for shelter – but if the weather is fine then this is not necessary.

Below is a prime example (and one of many in our gallery) of a common panel scratch repair.



To understand how we carry out the repair, watch the brief 1min30sec video of a bumper scratch repair (repairing the panel of a car has a very similar process to that of a bumper repair)

If you’d like a quote for a car panel scratch repair please email or call Louise on 0412392140.

If you’re unsure as to whether your job is repairable by a mobile bumper scratch repair service then call Louise or just email a photo!


Read this happy customers’ testimonial –

 Hi Louise

Thanks so much to James for the fast and efficient work on our car. You guys really do live up to your name! Its like magic! Amazing!

I will definitely recommend you guys.

Thanks once again.