What We Do

We are Leaders in the Field of Mobile Automotive Paint Restoration


As innovators and leaders in this field we provide professional premium-level, cost-effective on-site paint touch-up and spot repairs to private clients. On-site means we carry out the repairs to your car at your home or office. All we need is off-street parking, space to park our van near your car and access to power.

We Come to You!

All work is performed quickly, efficiently, conveniently and affordably at YOUR HOME or OFFICE. All work comes with a Lifetime Warranty (excluding rust repairs).

We Repair & Respray:

  • Panel Scratches on all vertical panels surrounding your car
  • Bumper Scratches and Scuffs and Dents
  • Minor Dents in all vertical panels surrounding your car (such as the front guards, doors
    and quarter panels)



Touch Up Service

Ask us about our cost effective touch-up service which can be an excellent alternative to respraying when getting your car ready for resale. This is suitable for cars which have small chips and scratches which don’t warrant respraying but detract from the overall appearance of the car. For example – chipped door edges, stone chips on the bonnet and small scratches on the panels.

Quoting Options

We offer an obligation free on-site quote. The damage on your car is assessed thoroughly and a written quote provided detailing the costs associated with each area needing to be repaired. As the quote is itemised, you then have the option of going ahead with only part or all of the quote – this can be very comforting when your budget is very limited.

On Line
An alternative to on-site quoting is to email photos of each area damaged and a written quote will be provided by return email.  Email Us.

How We Operate

All work is carried out by qualified professionals.

Many minor accident repairs can be carried out by our technicians for considerably less than your insurance excess which is commonly around $500 (and can be up to $1500!)

So why waste your money and risk having your premium increased when you renew your policy?

Avoid the hassle of taking your car to the panel shop and being without it for days and sometimes weeks. Avoid that irritating call from the panel shop explaining why they need to keep your car for a few more days Avoid having to ask friends and family for lifts. Avoid having to rely on public transport and taxis.

It’s important to know that if the marks on your car have occurred at different occasions they cannot be put through as one insurance claim. For example, if you’ve damaged both bumpers on your car and you want to have them repaired through your insurance company, it would be processed as two separate claims and you would then be required to pay your insurance company two excess payments and you can usually expect your premiums to go up when you next renew your policy.

With Scratch Magic, the cost of repairing each bumper would be less than the excess payable on an insurance claim. So Scratch Magic is not only more convenient to use but cheaper too!

If you manage a fleet of cars, you will appreciate the convenience of having minor damage repaired expeditiously and conveniently. Damage which detracts from the company image, which might take the car off the road for days if it was to be repaired in a body shop, and which would reduce the vehicle resale value, can be repaired in the company car park while the driver is in a meeting – with no loss of productive time.