How do I know if my damage is suitable for a mobile car scratch repair service?

If in doubt, call Louise to discuss the matter. Or email/mms a photo of the damage for a quick assessment. Louise will advise you as to whether it is suitable and viable for you to have us repair the damage and if it’s not, appropriate information will be given to help you move forward in the right direction. For more on this read Louise’s Blog “Insurance claim or Mobile Dent Repair? Weighing up your options”

How do you match the color?

Almost every car has a paint code applied by the manufacturer somewhere on the vehicle. This code is entered into a computer database covering virtually every vehicle manufactured in the world over the last 20 years.  Once this code is accessed, we make the paint up to the formula provided.  There is no guess work involved, no colour matching by eye is needed.  For more on this watch the Scratch Magic bumper repair video

How much does it cost?

As each bit of paint or panel damage is unique, the cost to repair it will depend primarily on the time required to affect the repair. An additional cost driver is the type and colour of the paint. Pearl Whites are the most difficult to match.  Silver and gold metallics and pearl (mica) paints are also more difficult to match than solid colours such as white and black. Dark colours are easier to colour match, but more difficult to lose the edge of the blend zone so that the repaired area cannot be detected. Generally we will be able to carry out a repair for significantly less than a crash shop would charge, and additionally you get the significant benefit and convenience of an on-site service – no time lost to deliver the car to a workshop and pick it up again after a few days.  In other words We Come To You!

How are the repairs carried out?

Our van is effectively a mobile panel shop. To a large extent we repair the damage the same way a panel shop will. The damaged area is cleaned and repaired, major dents being repaired by specialised panel beaters. Minor dents, deep scratches and gouges are repaired with body filler. The damaged area once smoothed and restored to its original contours is then primed and colour-matched, before top-coating with a fast-drying clear coat that is dust dry in two minutes. The finish is identical to the factory finish and may be treated in exactly the same way once fully cured. The major difference between our repairs and those carried out by a panel shop is that we only work on the damaged panel – we do not demand that the surrounding panels be painted to ensure a perfect match.  With clever painting and good colour matching, the need to “blend out onto surrounding panels” is negated.  Due to this, we keep the area being resprayed to a minimum and this, in turn, keeps our charges to a minimum. For more on this watch the Scratch Magic bumper repair video

Will I be able to see the difference?

No! The paint system and processes we use ensure that the appearance of the repaired area will be equal to the original factory finish, and after an appropriate curing time, you can treat the new paint exactly the same as you would the original finish. Because we only paint part panels, by definition our colour matching will be equal to or better than that achieved by most panel shops.

We offer a Lifetime Warranty on the repairs, guaranteeing that the repaired area will not fade, delaminate or lose its original finish. We cannot guarantee rust repairs. For more on this watch the Scratch Magic bumper repair video

How long does it take to dry?

In most instances the repainted area will be dust dry in 2 minutes after application. Within 20 minutes to an hour after application of the top coat, the finish will be sufficiently hard to allow us to polish and complete the repair process. Depending on weather conditions, the car can generally be driven immediately. If it is raining and cold at least two hours should be allowed before the repaired area is exposed to the elements.
You may wash the car 24 hours after the repair, but it is recommended that no sealing waxes or polishes be used on the new paint for a further one month after that time.

Where do I take the car?


All work can be conveniently performed at your home or office. All we need is a safe working area off the street, and access to a power point (up to 25 metres away) and water. Shelter is obviously required if the weather is inclement, but generally the best results can be achieved in full daylight conditions, out in the open.

How quickly can we get the quoted work carried out?

Often within 24-48 hours. Variables to consider include how big the job is and whether the customer can provide a sheltered workspace (very handy for inclement weather).
If you are in a hurry, you just need to let Louise know. Often jobs can be switched to accommodate more urgent needs.

What happens if I have a concern after the job has been completed and paid for?

If you have a concern regarding the quality of the work or have any other concerns then we encourage you to get in contact with us straight away.  All concerns will be addressed and rectified.