Not sure whether you should make a claim on your insurance louise_ryanor have your car scratches and dents fixed yourself? We get a lot of calls to the team at Scratch Magic with that exact question. It’s a confusing situation, but here’s a great real-life example illustrating the pro’s and cons, and what you need to think about to work out the right answer for you.
Recently, a customer damaged the rear door and rear wheel arch of her car.

At first it looked like the damage was just to the paintwork. Therefore, the cost of having Scratch Magic carrying out a mobile scratch repair seemed the obvious choice to make. The cost of the repair would be around the same as her insurance excess and she would get the work done in the one day. Easily the right decision to make.

But unfortunately it turned out that both panels had been dented as well – the customer just couldn’t see them due to them being quite shallow and the scratches being distracting to the eye. The cost to repair the dents and the respraying of both panels would exceed the cost of her insurance excess, and in some cases this would be a good enough reason to choose the insurance option.

This customer didn’t want to lose her car to a panel shop for the week it would be required. She didn’t want to be stranded without a car, having to take the car to the panel shop and find her own way home was just the beginning of a very inconvenient week! Plus, with her no-claim bonus being reduced and maybe her premiums being increased, it suited this customer far better to have Scratch Magic carry out a mobile scratch and dent repair on her car.

Our customer lost her car for around six hours on the first day. The panel shop picked up the car and took it to the workshop to carry out the dent repairs. On its return the car was usable straight away and the customer was mobile once again. On the second day, we resprayed the repaired areas of each panel on her car while the car was parked in her garage. This work was done in just three hours.

In this scenario, the mobile solution was a perfect one: convenient and cost effective, and it resulted in a very happy customer.

If your car has been scraped or scratched in a low impact situation, then a mobile car scratch repair service could be the right solution for you too. Some of the benefits include:

– You avoid losing your car for days to a panel shop and being stranded without a car.

– A mobile scratch repair to your bumper can be carried out for less than the cost of your insurance excess – and this will also save you from losing your no claim bonus!

– You can have the scratch repair carried out on your car while it is parked at your home or office – does it get any more convenient than this?


If you’re unsure as to whether a mobile car scratch repair would be suitable for you just email a photo of the damage to or call me on 0412 392 140.

I can assess your problem and email you the quote. Then all arrangements to carry out the mobile scratch repair can be made via email or over the phone and I will ensure that the whole process runs smoothly by requesting information from you. Nothing is left to chance; wet weather alternatives are discussed along with correct paint codes for your car – eliminating the many problems that can occur when the time comes to complete the mobile scratch repair.

Would you like to learn a bit more about mobile bumper repairs?  Would you like to meet Louise and at the same time see a bumper being repaired in under 1min 30sec? – if so then click on my video and enjoy the ride!